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My Childbirth Story: Second Baby

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

Here is the childbirth story of our second baby, our littlest girl.

This is the birth story of my second baby girl coming into this world, and us becoming a family of four.

Back when I first started blogging, I can’t say that I ever imagined writing a post about giving birth and being totally comfortable about my own experience and motherhood topics. I wrote my first one because my best friend encouraged me, and so happy she did. It's nice to read back on my experience, and it also showed me just how different every woman’s experience can be.

I wrote about my first baby delivery story with Isabela "My Childbirth Story: My ‘Planned’ childbirth plan did not go exactly as I had…Planned!". I’m sharing once again with the arrival of baby girl number two. This is a very different childbirth story, it is a reminder that we can't compare or assume just how things are going to happen.

About my Pregnancy

Let's start by saying that since day one of my pregnancy the doctor told me that my due date was on December 31st, and I told him that I want to go over my due date. He looked at me like I was crazy, and mentioned that no mom-to-be has ever said that to him. Plus, ofcourse we don't actually control that. My goal was not to on purpose go for long walks or do any of the things that accelerate the baby's arrival.

Overall my pregnancy was fairly easy during my first and second trimester. During my third trimester, I was insomnia mode. My baby was sleeping during the day in the womb and from 11:00 pm to 4:00 am she was giving my belly constant movement. For some reason, I could not sleep flat or on my side. I needed to be elevated or seated to actually fall asleep. I feel like I rarely was able to sleep more than two hours consecutively.

At week 35, there was a bit of concern of the baby size, in particular the head circumference. The doctor put me on a diet to gain weight, and sent me to an immediate walk-in appointment in the hospital triage for a more in depth sonogram. Please do not google anything in that regard, everything that google told me about the reasons of a baby having a small head were very scary at the time. I was alittle down that week, thinking ofcourse of the worst case scenario. Luckily, it was a false alarm from the doctor (not our favorite doctor) that was in charge that day. Our regular doctor followed up on our next appointment, and apologized saying we never should have been sent through all of that unnecessary protocol, and our baby is just fine.

I had made it to the 40-week finish line. I was already on schedule to be induced January 4th, but baby #2 ended up making her appearance the natural way.

On December 31st, the mucus plug came out and that was the first major sign of baby coming.


On January 1st, I remember texting my best friend on how good I was feeling, and that I wasn't having any consecutive contractions yet. Right after we finished texting, it seems like everything started happening.

Inside me, I had this feeling to get ready just in case. I jumped in the shower and noticed some fluids coming out as I was getting out. As I continued to walk into my room, more fluids started coming out. Effectively, my water broke. For some reason, I always imagined this big flush - like the movies.

I called the OB on call at the hospital to double check that it was OK to go to the hospital. I was unsure whether to go to the hospital at that exact moment, or to wait a bit longer. I was feeling so good, no heavy contractions yet, and not thinking that I was over 40 weeks pregnant. Since she sounded super nice over the phone, I was thinking I would like for her to deliver my baby. It was around 4:00 pm when we opted to call my in-laws to pick up my toddler, and I told my husband I think it's time we make our way to the hospital. I need to admit, I was actually trying to avoid a specific OB that was on call that next day. Neither of my two main OB's were available after December 25th, and they weren't back until after January 4th (which was my scheduled induction date).

Time to go to the hospital

As soon we arrived at the hospital (around 6:45 pm), I started to feel constant stronger contractions (every 7-10 min for 60-90 seconds). They checked me in, and got me to triage to determine how far along I was. I did the check-in and the nurse in triage wasn't convinced that I should stay there, based on the pain level that I told her that I was. I was having fluids coming out with every contraction, but I was only giving it a 5 from a scale of pain level of 10. She did a cervical exam and I was at 5 1/2 cm dilated. They knew things were moving along, but not quite ready for anything serious. She quickly transferred me to another room and called my OB.

Delivery Room

I got to the room and after my husband asked her, my OB predicted to us that the baby would most likely come before midnight. I remember thinking at the time, that sounded pretty fast, baby was coming soon! I had quite the long day/night in the hospital with my first one. So right after this prediction from my OB, I chickened out and requested the epidural - LOL. I was third on the waiting list. By 8:20 pm, the anesthesiologist arrived (just in time) and I started getting very strong and long contractions. In my case, the epidural was injected perfectly. I was not feeling the contractions pain-wise, but still had some of my sensation from the waist down. He did a very good job with the epidural, I also was switching sides constantly to spread it out properly. At 9:00 pm my OB came in to check me again to see how I was coming along. I was still sitting at 5 1/2 cm exactly. After having some strong contractions and still sitting at the same dilation, it was a bit frustrating.

Before labor even started my OB told me that if I feel a certain kind of sensation down low (she had a better more in depth description she gave us - I'll save you the details), and it feels consistently a certain kind of way, to call her in. Right around 10:00 pm, I started feeling this particular sensation that she had described to me. I rang the nurse and asked if the OB could re-check my dilation. She entered the room in a relaxed and jovial mood, and quickly changed her tone after checking my dilation. I was 10 cm dilated. With a serious look on her face, she looked at her nurse, and said that it was time to push. It quickly went from one nurse and my OB in the room, to 4 or 5 nurses along with my OB. After three series' of strong contraction pushes, with the help of my husband on one side, a nurse on the other, and my OB bringing my little one out safely, baby Ilina Mia Hess arrived at 10:23pm. She came out a healthy 6lbs 6oz, 19inches, and the smallest little love of our lives. The whole process from entering the hospital until holding my baby in my arms, was under 4 hours. Extremely fast looking at many baby deliveries, and certainly compared to my first one.

Connecting with my baby

She latched on to me right away, my husband cut what the doctor said was a very thick and healthy umbilical chord (never heard that), and time stood still for that moment. I was kind of in shock just how fast everything went. She is a healthy beautiful baby girl.

I am forever grateful to my husband, the on call OB Doc, and all the staff at INOVA Fairfax. They made the whole process super smooth.

Life at Home

It’s almost been a week since bringing her home, we are creating a routine, and things are getting easier around here with now two kids. I’ve been telling Isabela for months that there’s a baby growing in my belly who will be joining our family, while I’m nearly certain she has no idea what’s about to happen. That was confirmed when she saw her little sister and her face totally changed. It was all the emotions in one look.

Managing the transition with a toddler is very delicate, and enjoyable at the same time. There is a lot that goes in to the transition. We are absolutely in love with our family of four. Also, taking care of me, please mamas out there don't forget about yourself. We have been through a lot during nine months, and made the delivery of our bundle of joy. Take a moment to take care of yourself! I feel better sometimes just putting some light makeup on or washing my hair, simple things that make you feel yourself again. Otherwise, it is very easy to left yourself go in certain cases or even get postpartum depression. We are dealing with our crazy hormones and a lot of changes happening at once.

I plan to catch up on blogs, social media, and definitely my content is going to switch a little bit. It’s been so lovely to spend these moments as a family, but I do also miss my extended family (which are all of you reading this post).

I’ve always loved hearing about other birth stories because they are all so different! Some people have it easy, and some have it a million times worse. I love how much it changes you (for better and worse), as well as the true empowerment you feel once it’s all over. Motherhood can be challenging at times, but it is so rewarding!

Thank you for reading my story!

To the mamas out there – how was your delivery and labor experience? How did it compare to your expectations?

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