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My Childbirth Story: Second Baby

Updated: Jan 19

Here is the childbirth story of our second baby, our littlest girl.

This is the birth story of my second baby girl coming into this world, and us becoming a family of four.

Back when I first started blogging, I can’t say that I ever imagined writing a post about giving birth and being totally comfortable about my own experience and motherhood topics. I wrote my first one because my best friend encouraged me, and so happy she did. It's nice to read back on my experience, and it also showed me just how different every woman’s experience can be.

I wrote about my first baby delivery story with Isabela "My Childbirth Story: My ‘Planned’ childbirth plan did not go exactly as I had…Planned!". I’m sharing once again with the arrival of baby girl number two. This is a very different childbirth story, it is a reminder that we can't compare or assume just how things are going to happen.

About my Pregnancy

Let's start by saying that since day one of my pregnancy the doctor told me that my due date was on December 31st, and I told him that I want to go over my due date. He looked at me like I was crazy, and mentioned that no mom-to-be has ever said that to him. Plus, ofcourse we don't actually control that. My goal was not to on purpose go for long walks or do any of the things that accelerate the baby's arrival.

Overall my pregnancy was fairly easy during my first and second trimester. During my third trimester, I was insomnia mode. My baby was sleeping during the day in the womb and from 11:00 pm to 4:00 am she was giving my belly constant movement. For some reason, I could not sleep flat or on my side. I needed to be elevated or seated to actually fall asleep. I feel like I rarely was able to sleep more than two hours consecutively.

At week 35, there was a bit of concern of the baby size, in particular the head circumference. The doctor put me on a diet to gain weight, and sent me to an immediate walk-in appointment in the hospital triage for a more in depth sonogram. Please do not google anything in that regard, everything that google told me about the reasons of a baby having a small head were very scary at the time. I was alittle down that week, think