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L’urv | Activewear for a Stylish Workout

Nothing like a cute and stylish activewear to get me motivated for working out. It might sound weird, but try it! You get some new activewear, new gear of any kind really, and all of a sudden you start using it. Hmm who would've thought.

Switching to at-home workouts during COVID-19 has taken a bit of adjusting. I wish I had the drive to just wake up and work out or hit a hard workout any time of the day; the reality is me personally I like a little fashion workout gear push.

L’urv is on top of the game in term of styles, prints, fabric, and an amazing color palette. If this brand is new for you, L’urv is an Australian based luxury active wear brand. L'urv activewear checks all the boxes: fun stuff to wear at the gym, and also great transitional pieces for non-gym environments. This puffy jacket, for example, would look so cute with a pair of skinny or mom jeans and a t-shirt. Let the mix and match begin!

Check out more jackets from L'urv below:

Their collection includes bike shorts, 7/8 leggings, crops, jackets, and loungewear which are my favorite go-to's for everyday momma style.

Check out more loungewear from L'urv below:

L'urv sports bra designs are ultra feminine re-imagining activewear for women who are in constant movement. They feature satin straps and zigzag stitching, that you can adjust for a better fit & support. The styles are not your typical plain sport bras, they look like bralettes with contoured shapes. They are also double-lined, and with removable bra cups. Not to mention, the sexy strap detail.

Check out more sport bras from L'urv below:

L'urv leggings are perfect to throw on for a quick cup of coffee or day of errands. They’relength for that casual tailored look, and perfect for a short girl like me (I’m 5’3). They also offer supportive compression, but are breathable and light. The fabric is stretchy and durable.

Check out more leggings from L'urv below:

Their luxury activewear is sophisticated and feminine with performance grade fabrics and details - taking your workout look to a whole new level. Even though L'urv is a luxury brand, they also offer a Sale and Outlet collection on their website where you can get some of their chic styles for less.

My stats for reference, I am 5’3 around 120-125 pounds. I usually wear a size XS. I would mention, if you are unsure of your size, measure yourself and use their sizing chart.

L’urv is also available at Carbon 38 and Revolve.

Photo Credits: By the AMAZING Vanessa from @Beautywithness

Have you shopped at L’urv before? I would love to know your favorite pieces, AND if you might be getting any of these pieces yourself! Make sure to share your feedback or questions in the comments below.

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