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How To Stay Motivated Working Out From Home

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

15 Tips to Find Motivation Working Out at Home

How To Stay Motivated Working Out From Home

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Finding motivation to get a workout in at home is not always easy whether it’s because of our busy schedules (quarantine has changed our schedules a little bit), hours sitting in traffic, work, kids, etc. I feel you! On top of that we get home, and all you really want to do is take a shower and relax after a long day. However, we need to make time to live a healthy, balanced, and active lifestyle. You will feel better with yourself and more energized after getting that workout done.

Here are 15 #tips to Find Motivation Working Out at Home

  1. Set intentions.

  2. Don't beat yourself up if you miss a day or don't see progress right away. Don't seek instant gratification. Do uncomfortable work.

  3. Be realistic with your goals (time frame), but set them, write them down, tell people about them.

  4. Workout with a purpose (physical, mental, change of lifestyle etc.) I recommend to write it down and put it on a visible wall, preferably in your workout area.

  5. Set a workout area (this can be a small area like living room, back yard, garage etc.)

  6. Prepare the area before getting a workout, and make sure to plan for eliminating all distractions for YOUR time.

  7. Get affordable equipment like resistance bands, jump rope, kettlebell, yoga mat, etc. having equipment at home will provide that extra motivation and challenge you towards progression. Equipment can also me made out of regular household items. However, body weight exercises are great for weight loss and endurance.

  8. Stick with a schedule (add it to your calendar/alarm).

  9. Accountability (this can be an accountability buddy, connecting with others online, following a program, having a calendar visible to mark your workout dates).

  10. Dress for the occasion - if you stay in pajamas or loungewear you’re not going to get that motivation to workout. More likely you will have the motivation to stay on the sofa watching TV (LOL). Wear your activewear and reward yourself with some new items when possible. If you can't afford certain brands or new clothes, you can also get them second hand on apps like Poshmark, check my closet here. My favorites brands are lululemon, AloYoga, and