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Fall Shoe Trends for 2021

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Fall weather is here and I want to help you to create your season shopping list for all the fall and winter shoes to wear. In case you missed it or you are not following me yet on Instagram, I shared a few fall looks wearing these must-have fall boots and saved them into to my highlights directly on my Instagram profile.

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The loafers, chelsea boots, combat boots are very trendy this year. These shoes pair well with everything from straight leg jeans, leather leggings, and joggers look. Shoe fashion is different every fall season, but on this blog post you can find shoes that are super trendy right now and that will continue trending every year.

All of these fall shoes can be styled in so many different ways and should serve you well through winter and for a few years to come. Since there are so many great options in the shopping market, I'm sharing different price ranges for any budget. I rounded up six fall shoe trends to start adding into your wardrobe this season.

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