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Ellie Activewear Subscription Review + Save 25%Off

Updated: Feb 14

Read my review for the Ellie Activewear subscription box for the month of January 2023. Plus, learn how Ellie works, their subscription options, and save 25% off of your first order!

I found out about Ellie Activewer about three years ago - when my Instagram page was only about fitness. I was scrolling through my Instagram one day and their Instagram account immediately caught my eye. They are a monthly activewear subscription box that sends you a whole workout outfit (sports bra, top, and leggings) for $49.95 a month. Sign me up! I have always spent way too much money on activewear and for under $50 I get a whole look which I think is a great deal! Not to mention, I do love subscription boxes. I feel like I get a gift every month plus, it gives me motivation to workout.

It is a fun way to try out new activewear without a lot of monetary investment. You can get a full look for the price of average leggings. Ellie Activewear has three types of boxes to choose from:

  • Option 1: The 2-Item plan is $44.95 a month and includes a top and bottoms.

  • Option 2: The 3-Item plan is $49.95 a month and includes a top, bottoms, and a sports bra.

  • Option 3: The 5-Item plan is $59.95 a month and includes a top, bottoms, a sports bra, and 2 accessories (hand weights, ab roller, belt bag, etc.)

Here are some highlights:

  • You can create your own with the Mix and Match box

  • Choose from pre-style activewear look

  • Free shipping

  • Free returns

  • Skip the month

  • Cancel at anytime

  • Buy previous collection with a discount

  • Size range from XS-XXL

  • Prepay for 3 months and save more

  • A good mix of long sleeve tops, sleeveless tops, pullovers and jackets

  • A good mix of supportive sport bras (low impact & high impact)

  • Various designs and styles

  • More affordable than other retailers

January 2023 Ellie Outfit Choices

For this month I did the Mix & Match and these are my outfit choices:

All of these are from a brand called Marika. These are perfect for the gym or everyday wear. Both leggings are squat proof and the sports bra does have removable pads. I love these crop tops; they are super soft, lightweight, and cozy. When it is possible, I choose the open back tops - super cute!

The most common brands that Ellie Activewear carries are Marika, Wildfox, Balance Collection, and Jessica Simpson. If you go to their website the prices per item are higher.

I've been a fan of Ellie for some time now, and finally I have a discount code to share with all of you. You can save 25% off by using code IRISFITHESS25 at the checkout.

Here are some of the activewear that I've ordered in the past from Ellie Activewear. There is a little bit of everything from prints, solids, leggings, biker shorts, to jumpsuits.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I would recommend the Ellie Activewear box! The quality of the fabric is great, it’s thick and soft, their outfits are very cute, and they have a good mix of solid colors & patterns. It’s a great way to get your hands on the latest designs without breaking the bank. It’s hard to argue against a $45 two-piece set when most leggings and sport bras can easily cost $100. If you love activewear and like to try different styles and brands, give this subscription a chance.

Remember, your first outfit is 25% off with code IRISFITHESS25, regardless of which subscription you choose.

Thanks for reading!

Have you tried Ellie? Leave a comment and let me know what do you think about this subscription box.

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