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These Are My 3 All-Time Favorite Sports Bras from lululemon

I own over 50 plus sports bras from lululemon and I thought it might be helpful to give you guys my top three favorite sports bras from lululemon. I wear these for working out or everyday life! I feel like they are so versatile from getting a great workout, to running errands, or just lying around the house.

Shop the look: Flow Y Bra, lululemon Align

When it comes to sports bras in general, they are must-have pieces for our workout wardrobe. It is good to refresh your sports bra drawer with a degree of frequency, since they can stretch out, lose their shape and support. That's where this list will come in handy to give you 3 styles that consistently provide great support and will not stretch out.

When I am in the hunt for sports bras, the main things I look for are design, function, and price point. I have to make an asterisk here because lululemon sports bras can be pricey. When needed, you can shop on the sale rack or online in a category called “We Made Too Much”. To be honest, these sports bras are worth every penny because they last forever.

If you're looking to add some great sports bras to your wardrobe, these are my top three lululemon sports bras that I absolutely love, I have them in different colors and patterns. I’m that person that when I find a perfect piece for me, I get it in every single color. Who is with me?!

Energy Bra High Neck

I love the Energy Bra High Neck ($58) for the design, fit, and functionality. I have done every type of workout in this bra, from hot yoga to kickboxing, and it has never failed me. This sports bra provides a medium support. It holds everything tight, the high neck provides great coverage, and it comes in every color. Not to mention, the cute back straps.

Energy Bra High Neck From lululemon