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8 Tips to Increase Your Breast Milk Supply –Nursing Tips for New Moms

Updated: Jan 14

Breastfeeding and having a low milk supply can be stressful for some of us and don’t worry – it is totally normal. I’m sharing my experience and 8 great tips that helped me in this journey of tears, pain, and stressful moments, but a BEAUTIFUL bond with my baby.

8 Tips to Increase your Breast Milk Supply


I did not read any book or consult with any professional about breastfeeding. To be honest, I did not read anything about pregnancy (my husband did mostly). I just love to see what this life experience brings me – and either way everyone's personal experience is different.  I decided to just show up to this as a first time mom and roll with the ups and downs and obstacles - one major one being breastfeeding. I received so much advice, but nobody told me how painful and frustrating breastfeeding could be. Looking back, it would have helped me to read a post like this or talk to someone on these subjects beforehand.  Breastfeeding was the most challenging transition into motherhood for me - at times making me want to throw in the towel and move directly to formula. 

At the Hospital

My little girl latched on to me right away on my right side, almost immediately after delivery. I thought, “We’re good! This is SO easy”- man was I wrong.  The real struggle and pain came when we got released from the hospital. 

At Home

My first day was awful, especially at night. She was crying so hard, she latched, but I felt it was not enough or no milk at all coming out. I basically spent most of the night and day with my baby latched to my breast (that were producing little if any milk at all). She literally never unlatched. I was in tears because I did not know what else to do, and my nipples were in SO much pain. I was not only in tears because of the pain, I was in tears because I did not want my baby going hungry. (Side note: she was in and sometimes continues currently to have moments of cluster feeding. Cluster feeding is when the baby basically wants to eat every 30-45 minutes instead of just every 2-3 hours.)

With the frustration of not being able to breastfeed properly it seemed, I thought quite a few times about using formula, but deep down inside me I knew that wasn't the option I wanted for my newborn. I just wanted to feed my little baby girl, the real stuff, the 'liquid gold' as our doctor calls it.

Producing Milk

The following tips helped me to produce milk after my third day. I was able to produce almost 4oz of milk from each breast each pump - like “WOW! Happy Dance”. Once I was able to persevere past the first couple days struggle and while using these useful tips, I have since had no problems with production, both for storage as well as keeping my baby full.

8 Tips to Increase your Breast Milk Supply