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10 Random Things I’m Loving Lately

Updated: Jan 8

I’ve bought a few new things lately that I’m in love with. I think is so fun to read about other people’s favorite things or new favorite items they have discovered. I’ve found cool products thanks to those lists so I wanted to do my first "10 Random Things I’m Loving Lately" from from fashion items to beauty and more.

If you’ve been following me for a while, some of these will not come as a surprise to you because I’ve shared them so many times! I’ve been wanting to start doing these kinds of posts for a while now and am excited for my first one! In case you are stumbling across this "10 Random Things I’m Loving Lately"list, make sure to follow me on Instagram @irisfithess.

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1. Plaid Shackets – This is my favorite shacket so far for this fall season, it is from Red Dress and obsessed with the colors on it - it's screaming Fall! This shacket does have front & side pockets and very warm. By now you all probably noticed that I have a weakness for shackets during fall/winter. Also, linked other plaid shackets that I have eyeing, there is two fringe shackets - one from Steve Madden and other one from BLANKNYC that I really want to get.

2. Nike Fontanka Waffle – I have been tracking down these Nike sneakers for months and they were selling out super quick. I had to turn ON the notifications on the Nike website to get them. After a long wait, I finally pull the trigger and I LOVE them so much! They’re super comfortable and go well with shorts, jeans, a